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About Us

We are a diverse group of professional educators, scholars, and practitioners whose mission is to foster artistic growth, personal freedom, and safe and respectful exploration of the physical components of communication, and effective, efficient motion. Each member, within his or her own unique specialization, may: practice creativity and freedom of expression; empower students/clients, themselves and the organization; promote research into related fields.

To achieve our objectives we will employ reasonable and accepted practices such as: visual demonstration and modeling, physical contact, written text, observation, and discussions that foster understanding.

Our members represent a wide range of somatic (of or relating to the body) disciplines and approaches. Our varied practices reflect these differences while always honoring the emotional, physical and psychological well being of our student/clients, ourselves, and the integrity of our profession.

A movement specialist possesses a fundamental knowledge of physical training pedagogies as demonstrated through study with various recognized physical training practitioners and institutions devoted to the study of physical pedagogies. ATME believes that familiarity with many systems can only aid the movement specialist’s overall understanding of the expectations of the various aspects of the performer’s profession and the further development of our discipline. A movement specialist will endeavor to stay current in new and or innovative approaches.

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