Jenn Calvano

Assistant Professor

University of Louisville

Theatre Arts 2314 South Floyd St.
Louisville, KY 40208



In my position as Assistant Professor of Acting & Movement with the University of Louisville Theatre Arts Department, I am able to explore my evolving relationship with movement-based acting pedagogy.  I enjoy movement coaching within the department and expanding my creative work in the community as an actor. My current research includes an article unpacking how the decontextualization of images from dance's past, within current popular culture forms reinforces fetishizing and strips the performer of the power contained in the original.  Additionally, I am continuing to study movement language and pedagogy in search for commonalities. I earned my PhD in Theatre from the University of Colorado Boulder.  If and when I have free time, I enjoy developing and exploring her clown persona Lola!  More information about my artistic and scholarly endeavors can be found at

Movement Specialties:


Grotowski Physical Theatre


Physical Characterization

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