Wolfgang Weiser

Stenstugu Anga 436
Katthammarsvik, Sweden
+46 707 683767




WOLFGANG WEISER did his acting training at The Commedia School in Copenhagen 1985-88, his Circus Artist education, at Fooltme Circus School in Bristol, England and he trained as an teacher of the Alexander Technique in England and Germany between 1993-97. He is an international recognized AT teacher and has taught the AT at the Theatre University of Stockholm and worked with dancers and musicians all over Sweden, including the Dance and Theatre Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. Prior experience includes working as a performer, actor, dancer and juggler since 1984. He also holds a BA in education in theatre and worked for 10 years fulltime at a theatre program in Gotland, Sweden teaching  all theatre courses. He is right now researching about movement formation in educational science and works as a freelance.

Movement Specialties:

Alexander Technique


Clowning and Circus

Physical Theatre

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