Matt Franta

Los Angeles, CA
United States


With over 20 years of training in the martial arts, Matt holds the rank of black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, with additional experience in Karate, Judo, fencing, wrestling and kickboxing. He also runs the Los Angeles Bartitsu Club, and is the organizer for the Los Angeles Whip Artists. As a Ground Force Method / Primal Move Certified Instructor, Matt helps performers move more freely, efficiently, and safely through the exploration of primitive and developmental movement patterns. Matt’s passion for acting and martial arts led him to the art of stage combat, and he has now been studying theatrical violence for over a decade. He is a graduate of the International Stunt School, and currently teaches stage combat at Swordplay LA in Burbank. Matt is a member of SAG-AFTRA, the Society of American Fight Directors, and the International Order of the Sword & Pen.

Movement Specialties:

Anatomy/Injury Prevention


Clowning and Circus

Contact Improvisation


Improvisation/Theatre Games

Martial Arts

Movement for the Actor

Musical Theatre


Physical Characterization

Physical Theatre

Stage Combat

Stretching, Strength, and Relaxation



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