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Sheila Kerrigan is the mime who can’t find a box she fits inside. She performs for children in The Mime Who Talks! and for adults and seniors in Mime Explains String Theory! She does a story-telling residency with seniors that is connected to her show. Author of The Performer’s Guide to the Collaborative Process, she teaches mime, communication, collaboration, and devising original performance to young people, college students, and professionals. She works as a teaching artist for educational programs and arts councils. In educational residencies, she uses drama to teach other subject areas like science, history, and English, for example: writing with details & elaboration, communication, speaking, and listening, and collaborating in small groups. She works with at-risk youth to create performances about issues important to them. With the SE Center for Arts Integration, she leads professional development workshops for teachers and artists on integrating the arts with the Common Core and state standards. She taught "Community-Based Performance, Where Art and Activism Intersect" at Duke. She served on Alternate ROOTS’ Resources for Social Change, where she helped develop a curriculum on using the arts to spur change, including anti-racism work. For seventeen years, she toured the eastern US with TOUCH Mime Theater,    performing and teaching in twenty-two states--in schools, colleges, with at-risk youth, and in community settings.  With TOUCH, she collaboratively created twenty original performances, teaching, and performing in prisons, alternative schools, hospitals, street festivals, in theaters, and on television.

Movement Specialties:

Body Language



Devised Theatre

Martial Arts


Movement for the Actor


Physical Characterization

Physical Theatre

Solo Performance

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