Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer

Associate Professor

Concordia University (Montreal, QC)

3834 Ave de Melrose
Montreal, Canada
H4A 2S2





Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer is a teacher, theater practitioner and scholar. She studied movement and acting in Köln, Berlin, and New York City. She holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU and a Ph.D. on Emotion Theories in Acting from the Freie University Berlin, supervised by Erika Fischer-Lichte. During the 1980’s she did physical theatre in Berlin, in the 90’s she became co-founder of Richard Schechner's East Coast Artist. She has directed and acted in Berlin, New York and internationally. Since 1996, Neuerburg-Denzer has been a full-time teacher of acting, directing and theater history and theory and is currently an Associate Professor of Theatre at Concordia University in Montreal. Neuerburg-Denzer's research and teaching interest focuses on emotion studies for performers, and the connection between historical performance styles and contemporary practice. Neuerburg-Denzer has been working with and teaching the Rasaboxes since 1994, she has also trained in Suzuki (Ellen Lauren), Butoh (Minako Seki), and is part of Roberta Carreris' group "Old Dreams New Hope"(Odin Teatret), and is regularly participating in the Bread and Puppet Circus.

Movement Specialties:

Alignment/Release Work


Impulse Work

Movement for the Actor

Physical Theatre


Stretching, Strength, and Relaxation

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