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Amanda MacDonald

abmacd53@gmail.com1931 N Campbell Ave #2S

Anne Brady

Anne James

Belinda Mello

Eli Sibley

Colum Morgan

Cynthia Kneen

Joan Schirle

Deborah Robertson

Greg Webster

Jason Bohon

Jessica Cerullo

Jeff Fazakerley

jeff.fazakerley@cui.edu23 Meadowgrass

Jeff McMahon

Joe Herrera

Jess Prichard

Kelley Schoger

Liz Stanton

Lynnae Lehfeldt

Mairin Smit

Mandy Greenlee

mandy@mandygreenlee.com915 MAXWELL AVE

Marie Percy

Emily Davis

Mark Hardiman

Nadine Mozon

Pam Johnson

Parke Fech

parkeafech@gmail.com5500 Wissahickon Ave

Eliza Ladd

Rachael Swartz

Rachelle Tsachor


Sarah Barker

Robyn Berg

Tamala Bakkensen

Tamiko Washington

Jeremiah Black

wellingtonblack@hotmail.com35 Westfield Drive

Yo-El Cassell

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Bibliography for Breath

Print Sources
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  • Lewis, Dennis and Juan Li. The Tao of Natural Breathing: For Health, Well-Being and Inner Growth. Mountain Wind Pub., 1996. ISBN 0965161102 Explores the physiology, psychology, and spirituality of natural breathing based on Gurdjieff work, Advaita Vedanta, and the Healing Tao. A step-by-step approach to experiencing the power of natural breathing.
  • Loehr Ed.D, James E. and Jeffrey A. Migdow, MD. Breathe In and Breathe Out: Inhale Energy and Exhale Stress by Guiding and Controlling Your Breathing. Time Life Books, 1999. ISBN 0-7370-1611-6 Step-by-step techniques.
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Audio/Visual Sources
  • Hendricks, Gay. The Art of Breathing and Centering. 1989. ISBN 0940687895 Audio cassette. Covers managing stress and pain, boosting energy, improving concentration and overall well-being. Includes a 32-page Breathing and Centering Workbook.
  • Zi, Nancy. The Art of Breathing: Six Simple Lessons to Improve Performance, Health and Well-Being. Vlvi Co., 1997. ISBN 1884872743 Book and video. Based on ancient Chinese discipline of Chi Kung; a program called Chi Yi aimed to improve and strengthen the voice and increase overall energy, health and well-being.
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