The same technique choreographers, painters, writers, orators, composers,
and filmmakers use in their respective disciplines, Composition is a
practice of “writing on your feet.” It encourages encourages expressive
(abstract) movement, rather than descriptive (behavioral) movement, and
functions as a non-hierarchical practice of working from impulse and
intuition that encourages collaboration and physical intelligence,
situating the body as a living, moving sculpture. You can use the
Composition method to create original work or rehearse and/or create the
performance text of a work of dramatic literature.

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Members specializing in Composition:

Conrad Alexandrowicz

Connie Rotunda


David Hanzal


Dana Legawiec

Elizabeth Mozer

Eileen Standley

Eric van Baars

Maggie Anderson

Jeff Casazza

Judith Chaffee

Jeffrey Lambdin

Jeff McMahon

Janice Orlandi

Joyce Lu

Julie Rada

Joan Schirle

Jeff MIlls

Jeanine Thompson

Kari Margolis

Kate Meehan

Kali Quinn


Liz Stanton

Mandy Greenlee

mandy@mandygreenlee.com915 MAXWELL AVE

Marc Devine

Monica Dionysiou

Melinda Little

Emily Davis

Jessie Mills

millsj@wabash.edu109 S. Washington Street

Michelle Milne

Matt Saltzberg

Matthew R. Wilson

Nadine Mozon

Eleni Papaleonardos

Pam Joyce

Eliza Ladd

Katie Jones

kathryn.ann.jones@gmail.com4440 Laguna Place

Rebecca Frost Mayer

Rebekah Lane

Rebecca VerNooy

Samantha Chester

Slade Billew

Joan Bruemmer-Holden

Sheila Kerrigan

Tamala Bakkensen

T. Anthony Marotta

Zane Whitney

Therese Crews

Tanya Kane-Parry


Tom Truss

Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer

Jeremiah Black

wellingtonblack@hotmail.com35 Westfield Drive

Wesley Broulik

Yarit Dor

Yo-El Cassell

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