Neutral Body Technique

Utilizing principles originally devised in the training of elite level athletes, the aim of neutral body technique is to free the actor from inhibiting socio-physical awareness. The result is the development of an actor that enters the playing arena with heightened sensory and emotional sensitivities, and is fully engaged to live and respond honestly in the given dramatic circumstances.

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Members specializing in Neutral Body Technique:

Barbara Sellers-Young


Conrad Alexandrowicz

Colum Morgan

Cynthia Kneen

Denise Rinehart

Dana Legawiec

Elizabeth Mozer

Jason Bohon

Jennifer Graham

Jess Prichard

Jeff MIlls

Kurt Heinlein


Justine Moore-Luparello


Matthew Bowdren

Melinda Little

Meredith Dufton

Mark Hardiman

Melissa Noble

Maiya Murphy

Malcolm Tulip

Nick Erickson

Natasha Martina


Rachel Bowditch

Sears Eldredge

Sarah Barker

Tamala Bakkensen

Yo-El Cassell

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