Originated by Jeff Glassman in the 1970’s and developed continuously since with the United Mime Workers and the Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Duo, ‘pivot-montage’ refers to a systematically integrated set of techniques – gestural, vocal and choreographic – through which plays can be composed of a montage of scenes of any duration (as short as two seconds), in which characters can appear in any number of times and places, switching among them without transition, in groups or individually, unified in one time and place or fractured into multiple parallel times and places, as if scenic order were made of a mosaic of human action and for which the premise holds that all actors at all times maintain the fictions of naturalism for each character they play. The instrument that cuts and binds together the tiles of this mosaic we call ‘pivot-technique’ and its application in theatre composition we call ‘pivot-montage’.

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