T’ai Chi for Actors

T’ai Chi for Actors reorganizes the use of effort and tension throughout the body while under imaginary stress. Like most acting, T’ai Chi is practiced standing while focusing on potential conflict. Over time, the actor can seek out and eliminate unnecessary tension and muscular overuse and redirect that energy in a productive way. Opening and expanding the belly for breathing is central to the work enabling the actor to improve on breath reservoir and support. Grounding, centering and alignment while maintaining looseness and freedom throughout the body is also a core focus of T’ai Chi. When practiced regularly, T’ai Chi can become a support and prerequisite for all other movement disciplines. It gives the actor an activity that directly benefits the craft while gentle on the joints, muscles and connective tissue of the body. Any actor, no matter how old, no matter how in or out of shape, can benefit from the practice. It is also good for rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries so long as they have been given permission from their doctor to return to normal activity and can walk on two feet. It improves balance, coordination, and core strength, good for anyone at any stage of life.

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