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ATMEWeb maintains a blog page where members can post about upcoming productions, workshops, and other news about their movement work.

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Extreme Stage Physicality

Hello all.  Due to a number of requests, I am posting my primer on “Extreme Stage Physicality” here.  The attachment is an article, originally published in the Fight Master magazine of… read more →

Dell’Arte International Summer Intensive

From July 13 – 31, the annual DAI Summer Intensive, with $50 discount for ATME members. And we’re accepting applications for our Bali ’16 program next January….And, we’re auditioning for… read more →

Ronlin Foreman ‘Walkabout’–workshops, performances, lec-dems

This Fall DAI School Director Ronlin will begin his international walkabout tour focused on providing workshops, performances and lectures to universities, arts organizations, and other schools. If you are interested… read more → article on the Feldenkrais Method!

Williamson Technique Summer

Adirondack movement in the Williamson Technique for actors, directors and teachers of actors on June 17th – 23rd. Teacher certification in the Williamson Technique June 12th – 29th. Tamarack Lodge,… read more →

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