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The ATME Journal is a peer-reviewed digital, kinetic journal committed to publishing articles documenting original process in the area of theatre movement pedagogy, performance, history and theory.

The aim of The ATME Journal is to provide a peer-reviewed source for original processes in pedagogy, performance, history and theory which are best documented through action rather than in printed text form. The journal is a compilation of “kinetic (movement) articles.”

Kinetic articles consist primarily of filmed action which critically demonstrate, illustrate and analyze original pedagogical and/or performance processes. Each article should provide an analysis of the process, evidence of originality and an historical or theoretical context in which to view the work. Articles which show a theatre movement historical or critical analysis primarily through the use of filmed movement may also be included. Filmed movement segments, may be supported through other means including interviews, voice-overs and illustrative materials such as Power Point, renderings, diagrams and photographs. Articles will be 10-15 minutes in length; although, exceptions to the time guidelines will be considered by the Editorial Board when warranted by the content of the article.

Editors will recommend articles which 1) articulate an original thesis, 2) substantiate its originality and 3) present the process in such a way that it could be reproduced by a viewer. Articles should be intelligible to anyone having a general interest in theater movement pedagogy and performance. Membership in ATME is not a factor in selection.

ATME Digital Journal Submission Procedures

Digital Journal 2.1

August 2014

Move/Talk: Using Improvisation to Help Dancers Learn to Speak on Stage

by Amy Larimer

Digital Journal 1.1

February 2013

Using a Period Movement Score in Actor Training, Rehearsal and Performance: The Restoration Period and 'The Country Wife'

by Jennifer Martin, Ph.D.

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The ATME Journal is published by the Association of Theatre Movement Educators.
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